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Beau and Sadie, our pet Hyacinth Macaws, bred and hand raised here at Hyacinth Haven.

Hyacinth Haven specializes in the breeding and keeping of the hyacinth macaw. Over the last 23 years we have raised several species of parrots before deciding in 1989 to concentrate solely on the large macaw. After successfully raising blue & gold, military, greenwing and scarlet macaws we became very interested in the hyacinth macaw. It was early in 1993 that we purchased our first breeding pairs of hyacinths and the following year saw our first babies. The magical hyacinth continues to intrigue and charm us while making us grateful for their presence in our aviary and delighted with every baby we raise. 

Sadie, one of our extremely playful, very loving family members.

When buying from Hyacinth Haven our customers can expect excellence every step of the way. Our baby hyacinths are large, healthy and possess wonderful dispositions; the result of careful selection and care of our breeding stock as well as the meticulous methods used in the nursery throughout the hand rearing process. The nursery is a mix of state of the art equipment, such as hospital grade incubators and monitoring instruments, to teddy bears and play areas making for a professional but loving environment to raise our babies in.

We believe in personalizing your experience with us by involving you in the process as much as possible. We encourage visits, questions, phone calls and emails. We want to get to know you and your situation. We provide transitional training for you and your baby and follow up support. Advance knowledge and preparation in caring for your baby makes for a joyous beginning and the foundation upon which you will build a lifetime together.


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